Confidentiality Statement

Galway Youth Musical Theatre are committed to ensuring peoples’ rights to confidentiality. However, in relation to child protection and welfare we undertake that:

  • Information will only be forwarded on a ‘need to know’ basis in order to safeguard the child/young person;
  • Giving such information to others for the protection of a child or young person is not a breach of confidentiality;
  • We cannot guarantee total confidentiality where the best interests of the child or young person are at risk
  • Primary carers, children and young people have a right to know if personal information is being shared and/or a report is being made to the Health Service Executive, unless doing so could put the child/young person at further risk
  • Images of a child/young person will not be used for any reason without the consent of the parent/carer (however, we cannot guarantee that cameras/videos will not be used at public performances)
  • Procedures will be put in place in relation to the use of images of children/ young people
  • Procedures will also be put in place for the recording and storing of information in line with our confidentiality policy.