Safe Recruitment and Selection Policy

Galway Youth Musical Theatre will ensure that staff are carefully selected, trained and supervised to provide a safe environment for all children and young people, by observing the following principles:


  • Roles and responsibilities will be clearly defined for every job (paid or voluntary)
  • Posts will be advertised widely
  • We will endeavour to select the most suitably qualified personnel
  • Candidates will be required to complete an application form
  • Candidates will be asked to sign a declaration form
  • At least two written references that are recent, relevant, independent and verbally confirmed will be necessary
  • Staff will be selected by a panel of at least two (or more) representatives through an interview process
  • No person who would be deemed to constitute a ‘risk’ will be employed
  • Some of the exclusions would include:
      • any child-related convictions
      • refusal to sign application form and declaration form
      • insufficient documentary evidence of identification
      • concealing information on one’s suitability to working with children


All staff will be required to consent to Garda clearance, and where available, this will be sought.